This Shaolin Monk has been Practicing Running Along Water for 10 years

This is Shi Liliang is from the Quanzhou Shaolin Temple. Your first response to this video is probably “But he’s walking on boards…” Yes, he is not running across just the water; he is practicing a huge amount of balance and focus. Don’t dismiss how truly amazing this is just because he’s not breaking physical laws.

He had been practicing going this distance since 2005! Imagine you stepping out onto a long board in the water, taking a few steps and it sinking immediately. That is probably what would happen to most of us at first.
Understand that the impressiveness isn’t that he’s ‘walking on water’, but practicing such a level of concentration that is so much more easily said than done. Before saying that it’s not impressive – you try doing it first.
This is a demonstration of persistence, a will to create something happen and then making it so. Fractal it out – see the bigger picture of what can be achieved when you apply your focus to it.

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