New Cellphone Apps To Prevent Government From Spying On YOU

“If you didn’t know how easy it was for hackers to grab information off of your smartphone before, you should now.

The Intercept reported earlier this week that the National Security Agency (NSA) and the British equivalent spy agency GCHQ had allegedly hacked into and stole information from millions of SIM cards produced by the Dutch company Gemalto. This may have given both agencies access to phone communications around the world and should serve as a warning to all that we need to protect our smartphones.” Says Sarah Buhr Over At Techcrunch!


We have some good news tho as more companies start putting money into apps they think people will need. This being the case you can now download and sometimes use the software already built in to avert spying. Imessage and Facetime are two ways of communicating that are not claimed to be as regulated as normal voice calls.  Imessage automatically encrypts messages  and best of all IT’S FREE!  Can Spies still go through these networks? Yeah, Probably and you would be naive to think differently but at what point is putting too much work into spying on average citizens not worth it?  The average consumer who is worried about internal contracts and embedded spyware has a couple other options. You can try Whatsapp which is android based and secure which use open software called open whisper network.  Signal and Textsecure are both apps that are android based that work on a third party encryption network.


At the end of the day if the government wants some info form your phone they are going to get it somehow so don’t think you are 100% invincible.


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