This massive stingray might be the largest freshwater fish ever caught

The catch took about five hours, and the fishermen had to rotate in shifts to give respites from the back-breaking work. Using a classic rod-and-wheel set-up and aboard a simple, long boat, the scientists and fishermen managed to capture the giant freshwater stingray in Thailand’s Mae Klong River last week.

Then, they measured it: At 14 feet long and 8 feet wide and weighing an estimated 600 to 800 pounds, the creature could be the largest freshwater fish ever captured and recorded. The current record is held by a 693 pound-catfish caught in Thailand in 2005.

The capture was caught on camera and will air on a future episode of ABC’s “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin.”

Hogan, a National Geographic fellow, had been a part of the 2009 expedition that caught the stingray. Researchers don’t know much about the giant freshwater stingray, Hogan said, including how large they can grow and at what rate, how long they tend to live and its ecology. For instance, does it make its way to the ocean at some point in its life cycle?

Credits: (“Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin”/Litton Entertainment) OG Article for more info

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