GoPro to begin manufacturing drones

GoPro begin manufacturing drones

It’s not news to say that the best action camera market today are those that manufacture GoPro. Every day more people who use these and the proof is the number of videos you can find on YouTube. But is it true that GoPro wants to expand market and invest and produce drones or are just speculation?

The future of GoPro, !drones!

No one can dispute the quality of the cameras of this multinational. Other large companies like Sony or Kodak (among others) have also copied the original idea of GoPro and have very competent (and cheap) replicas. Many of the drones used today supports that can connect GoPro cameras so they can record with the best quality in the market. But the manufacturer of these cameras require more action and is already thinking about immerse yourself in the world of drones and start making them.


According to sources quoted by The Wall Street Journal , indicate that the company plans to start selling their own helicopters with high definition cameras. In fact, there are manufacturers who develop drones only compatible with GoPro cameras. From WSJ, there is even talk that the prices of these drones would range between 500 and 100 dollars.

Leaders in the field of drones are the French (Parrot) and Chinese (DHI Technology) with a large number of customers. So GoPro not want to fall behind and wants to continue in 2015 sweeping the camera market and start making their own drones to market as quickly as possible.

Whether it will be interesting to see how they react to these leading companies in the market for drones to see how GoPro becomes his rival. So far, both the drones of the French company and the Chinese sold accessories that connected the GoPro cameras.

Thus, it appears that 2015 may be a before and after for GoPro if finally opened its doors to one of the leading land and further from the world of technology, the drones.

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