About Shocktopia

What is Shocktopia.com?

Shocktopia.com is devoted to delivering high quality fascinating news and stories. This is normally news you never heard of and generally goes viral super fast. Our mission is to shock you with facts and stories that are out of this world exciting.

How do I submit new to Shocktopia?

If you would like to submit a request or a story please visit our SUBMIT CONTENT page.

How do I contact you?

For any questions, comments, concerns regarding Shocktopia please use our contact form.

Where does Shocktopia get their news?

We get our news from many places as we have many researchers constantly on the quest for phenomenal shocking stories. We also sometimes allow users to submit viral content.

How many Employees does Shocktopia.com have?

We subcontract, contract and hire from within. We have people contributing from around the world but the site is locally ran in the USA under a hand full of people that contribute to server space, web hosting, content creation, seo, marketing, legal and graphics.

Can my website advertise on Shocktopia?

YES, you can advertising on Shocktopia and it’s encouraged to help us keep our servers running and our people fed. Contact Advertise@shocktopia.com for information.

Can you use content from our website on yours?

Just ask.. Chances are we will approve it but if you don’t ask and we catch you using our content the world will come down on you. 🙂



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